DieselGas Moree are your local Industrial Engine and WPT Power Clutch Authorised Sales, Repairer, Parts and Service Dealer.

Volvo Penta

“Power Solutions on land and at sea”Volvo.

As Moree's only Volvo Penta dealership, DieselGas specialise in Volvo Penta Stationary Engine Equipment for on-site water pump applications to service local cotton farming operations. Volvo's Marine range of engines carry its reliability from the boating industry to a PowerPack specially designed for the Cotton industry. The Volvo Penta range is a powerful, reliable and economical Versatile Diesel Engine built on the dependable Volvo in-line six design. Once backed by SJ & ML Fosters Moree the Volvo Penta range now has the total support of DieselGas Moree. The economical and fuel efficient design offers the Cotton Industry a state of the art engine, renowned for it's low noise level and maximum durability.

Lister Petter

“During the 1960s-1980s Lister was the biggest selling engine brand in Australia”Lister.

Lister Petter is known worldwide for clean, reliable, long lasting diesel engines. With a range of Air Cooled or Water Cooled, direct or in direct injection, naturally aspired or turbocharged, there is a specification to suit almost every application. Our Lister Petter Dealership is backed by our strong relationship with Welling & Crossley as an internationally recognised Australian leader in the manufacture and supply of diesel generating sets, portable generators, inverter generators, industrial generators, back up generators, diesel engines, fire products and tractor packs.


“We have poured our passion and engineering excellence into more than 20 million engines powering the world today”Perkins.

Perkins may be our newest Dealership addition but don't let that fool you. You can count on world-class support when you choose from the Perkins and Perkins Marine Power line-up of clean, efficient engines ranging from 5 to over 2600HP

Experience the benefits of Volvo, Lister and Perkins through our services, including;

  • Engine sales
  • Engine repairs and rebuilds
  • Engine spare parts
  • Engine servicing
  • Engine warranties
  • Annual maintenance and reports
  • Field service
  • Installation
  • Commissioning

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WPT Power Clutches

As a proud reseller of WPT Power Clutches we offer off and on-site Engine and Clutch servicing, rebuilds, belt repairs, breakdowns, installation and annual maintenance.