“What I find interesting as a diesel fuel injection specialist is the constant challenge of keeping up with fast moving technology”- Aaron

As a Bosch Dealer, DieselGas Moree offer specialties in Diesel Fuel and Gas Injection with the aim to improve fuel efficiency, greater power output, better emissions performance and reduced maintenance costs for our customers. Primarily, we offer;

  • Sales, exchange, service, rebuild and repair for a range of injectors
  • Sales, exchange, service, rebuild and repair for a range of diesel fuel pumps
  • Stock and service a large range of lift pumps
  • Offer a wide selection of fuel injection spare parts including brands such as Denso, Bosch, Standadyne, Zexel, Delphi and Catapillar.
  • Stock a range of common rail injectors for current model vehicles
  • Offer mechanical injection for early model diesel vehicles

DieselGas Moree have specialised these services to account for the regions heavy agricultural focus, such as offering mechanical injection for agricultural machinery.