about us

2021 Volvo Penta Dealer of the Year, Australian WPT Importer and Distributor, Moree’s only Bosch Pump Room and Australia’s 4×4 Performance Specialists – just a few titles we pride ourselves in.

Diesel, Gas Technologies & Exhaust Pty Ltd trading as DieselGas Moree is a family owned business located in north-west NSW. The team operate with a combined industry experience of 40+ years, specialising in three main categories of work, those being; Diesel Fuel Systems, Diesel Engines and Diesel Performance.


why us?

The simpler question would be, why not?

We offer confidence in quality products and services, reliable staff and decades of experience. Our strong relationships with our suppliers ensures a streamlined and professional process from job commencement to completion.

People are our core. From our loyal clients to our rich supplier network to our dedicated team – it’s all about people. Relationship management, continuous training and keeping up with the latest technology and trends are therefore always our priority. We have a strategic growth plan in place to support our core values, foster business and employment opportunities and facilitate economic development in regional NSW.  

Our 4×4 collection

ECU Remap
diesel performance module
Diesel Performance Module
Dyno Tuning
Secondary Filtration
Catch Can
Intercooler Kits
Transmission Coolers