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DieselGas Moree offers a range of capabilities to support the agriculture industry, providing valuable solutions with top-quality products such as Volvo Penta engines, WPT power clutches and Terrain Tamer parts. With their expertise in the cotton industry, diesel engines and powertrain systems, DieselGas Moree understands the unique requirements of the agriculture sector. Volvo Penta engines are known for their reliability, efficiency, and durability, making them ideal for agricultural applications. For irrigation, DieselGas Moree stock readily available 5, 8, 11 and 13 litre engines in their Moree warehouse. They also spec these Volvo Penta engines with high heat cooling packs, high dust filtration systems, remote oil filter housing, bilge pump (no more sump plugs!) and full engine control and diagnostics. These features are all designed for efficiency, longevity, and serviceability – ultimately ensuring optimal productivity in the field. WPT power clutches offer reliable and efficient power transmission, enabling smooth engagement for all engine driven applications. As the Australian Importer and Distributor for WPT, DieselGas Moree is equipped with complete units, a wide range of spare parts and technical support. Additionally, DieselGas Moree is a Stockist for Terrain Tamer parts, a company renowned for their ‘4WD parts that will get you home’. With the Terrain Tamer brand, backed by their equipped workshop, farmers can be assured they have readily available access to reliable replacement and upgraded parts to suite a broad range of vehicles.

Mining | Industries


DieselGas Moree understands the critical demands of the mining sector – and how a “hot shot” parts run can sometimes be thousands of kilometres! Providing fast and effective solutions is guaranteed by our sales, spare parts, and technical support personnel – just ask some of our clients like Glencore, Aeries, Tritton or 360 Mining. DieselGas Moree specialises in the supply of Sandvik spec’d Volvo Penta engines for repowers and emergency breakdowns, as well as a wide range of Volvo Penta spare parts. They stock readily available Sandvik spec’d 16Lt engines in their Moree warehouse. The Volvo Penta range are known for their robustness and reliability, characteristics which are required to operate heavy machinery and equipment in demanding mining operations. WPT power clutches are specifically designed to ensure efficient and reliable power transmission, enhancing the overall performance and productivity of pumping systems critical to mining activities. By repowering equipment with advanced Volvo Penta engines and WPT clutches, DieselGas Moree enables mining companies to extend the lifespan of their equipment, increase operational efficiency, and minimize downtime. In additional to their Volvo Penta and WPT associations, DieselGas Moree offers a wide range of aftermarket spare parts to suit the mining sector including turbochargers, solenoids, fuel pumps, injectors and more.

Material Handling | Industries

material handling

Recognizing the importance of reliable power and performance in material handling operations, DieselGas Moree supplies Volvo Penta engines known for their exceptional reliability, fuel efficiency, and durability. These engines deliver the power and torque necessary to operate heavy-duty material handling equipment, ensuring smooth and efficient handling of goods and materials. Additionally, WPT power clutches offered by DieselGas Moree provide reliable and efficient power transmission, enabling precise control and smooth operation of material handling machinery. These clutches contribute to increased productivity, reduced downtime, and improved overall efficiency in material handling operations. With their expertise in both Volvo Penta engines and WPT power clutches, DieselGas Moree is well-equipped to meet the unique demands of the material handling industries, providing reliable and high-performance solutions that enhance productivity and operational effectiveness.

Power Generation | Industries

power generation

“You always need to be able to depend on your power source. Whether it’s for a constant supply to a never-ceasing operation, or for backup generators supplying energy to vital functions, there’s no room for errors or downtime. As an independent supplier, Volvo Penta provides industrial power generation engines that are constructed with reliable efficiency and unmatched load acceptance at their core. Flexible, easily installed and fuel efficient – backed by an extensive aftermarket support – they will supply power, ease of operation and peace of mind.” ~ Volvo Penta North America.
Understanding the critical nature of uninterrupted power supply in power generation – it’s what we do. Just ask some of our clients like CSIRO, Riminui Farms and Genpower. With expertise in both Volvo Penta generators and Mecc Alte alternators, DieselGas Moree is well-equipped to meet the needs of the power generation industry. We offer sales, parts, service, maintenance, and technical support, stocking readily available Volvo Penta generators, Mecc Alte alternators and a range of spare parts. Mecc Alte alternators work seamlessly with Volvo Penta engines to deliver stable and efficient power output, supporting the needs of our power generation clients, whether this be for farming operations, silo’s, schools, hospitals or other power generation requirements. It’s all about providing reliable service, reliable parts and reliable power supply.