“What I find interesting about turbo’s is the rate at which power can be increased in an engine” – Donna

Did you know that a turbocharged engine can produce up to 7 times more power than a non-turbocharged engine of the same displacement? By forcing additional air into the combustion chamber less energy is used to create power. Ultimately this means that the turbo force improves the performance of the vehicle by increasing engine efficiency and power.

At DieselGas Moree we offer sales, parts, upgrades and balancing.


As your local Beaudesert Exhaust and Manta Performance Exhaust dealer we offer;

  • Complete exhaust system upgrades and installations
  • DPF Solution and DPF back exhaust systems
  • Modifications and fabrication when required
  • Exhaust repairs

We also stock a wide range of mandrel bends, exhaust tubing, clamps, gaskets, flanges and mufflers – particularly for the agricultural industry.

ecu remap

At DieselGas Moree we offer ECU Remapping for most late model vehicles. Unlike diesel power modules, chips or tuning boxes, Diesel ECU remapping can edit the engines turbo boost maps, remove torque limiters and alter the start of injection before TDC, this where most of your safe power and torque gains can be made. Our ECU remapping includes a pre and post dyno report from our 2WD Mainline Dyno. Improve your throttle response, horse power, torque and fuel economy with DieselGas Moree, your local ECU Remapping specialist.

diesel performance module

Diesel Performance Module

Did you know that you can achieve up to 20% more power and toque with Steinbauer. DieselGas is your local dealer! We offer a range of Steinbauer modulesto suit the vehicle performance and agricultural industry. The Steinbauer product, is a microprocessor-controlled “Intelligent PowerModule”  it works in such a way as to leave the factory ECU in control of the engine safety settings. Therefore your machine does not go outside the safety parameters set by the manufacturer.

Dyno Tuning

Our 2WD Mainline Dyno has been a vital asset to our workshop in relation to the performance area. Using the Dyno, we make the necessary adjustments to the set up and configuration of your vehicle. Specifically, through our mainline dynolog dyno we:

  • Dyno tune vehicles by investigating the entire engine e.g. boost pressure, check engine temperature, examine spedo vs actual speed etc
  • Fit performance chips
  • Conduct vehicle and computer diagnostics
  • Enhance emission control
  • Conduct performance power runs
  • Conduct custom ECU Remapping

All of this equates to a more powerful, reliable, fuel efficient vehicle with greater throttle response and torque spread.

Secondary Filtration

At DieselGas Moree we offer Secondary Filter Kit sales, parts and installation for most makes and models.

Why install a pre-filter kit?

Contaminated diesel fuel can cause severe damage to your fuel system. Water is commonly found in many diesel fuel tanks around Australia due to the air in the tank absorbing moisture from the environment around the tank. The water in diesel fuel reduces lubrication which causes the parts to wear and corrosion & rust forming on the inside of the fuel system components. This water contaminant can also breed bacteria in the tank which forms a sludge that can clog filters and other crucial system parts.

catch can

At DieselGas Moree we offer Catch Can sales, parts and installation for most makes and models.

Why install a catch can?

A high quality catch can prevents oil and soot contamination entering the clean air intake, prevents oil buildup in intercoolers, minimises oil consumption, regulates crankcase pressure, keeps critical engine components clean, reduces exhaust smoke and odours and provides excellent protection for your turbocharger. Ultimately saves you money by protecting you against costly repairs and poor performance.


We’re your local Phat Bars and Safari Snorkel dealer – with readily available stock for selected makes and models! So whether you prefer stainless (polished, satin or matt black) or plastic (standard Safari or Armax), we’ve got you covered for supply and installation. We also stock Manta 4” snorkel hats that suit the factory Toyota 79 series snorkel.  


As your Terrain Tamer Stockist and we offer heavy duty radiators for most Toyota Hilux and Landcruiser vehicles. The Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Radiators come complete with steel mounting brackets and improve on the cooling capacity of their genuine counterpart by 8% with both a closer pitch and higher tube count. Specifically, these HD Radiators;

  • Are fully Pressed Design (no welding)
  • Come with Steel brackets
  • Have aluminium Tanks
  • Have improved fin pitch offering greater cooling capacity
  • Are built in sensor plug for fitment of low level alarm

Check out Terrain Tamers complete vehicle list here. We’re also your proud PWR dealer. PWR Advanced Cooling Technology pride themselves in the motorsport industry, specifically Formula 1, WEC, Moto Gp, Indycar, Nascar, Dpi, DTM, Super GT, Super Formula, GT3, GTE, GTLM, WRC, WRX, Supercars and more. They have been supplying bespoke cooling solutions for over 20 years. PWR produce all radiator products from high grade aluminium incorporating a unique wider dimpled tube configuration and revolutionary louver fin design angle, which maximises the cooling efficiencies and disbursement of heat.

intercooler kits

As your proud dealer for HPD and PWR we’ve got you covered. Australian made HPD intercooler kits are developed for maximum charge air cooling, durability and reliability to perform in challenging off-road conditions.

PWR intercoolers are individually hand manufactured in Australia and can be custom designed to suit your requirements or if it’s a replacement cooler you’re after, one of their aftermarket upgrade designs are available.

transmission coolers

Direction Plus and PWR – whichever you prefer! Direction-Plus Transchill Automatic Transmission Cooler Kits are designed specifically to reduce excessive transmission heat cause by towing, carry loads and driving in sand, snow, off-road or hot conditions. Direction-Plus transmission coolers can reduce the temperature of the ATF by as much as 33 degrees. A reduction of 11 degrees can double the life expectancy of the transmission, ATF and all internal components.

PWR’s patented dimpled plate and fin transmission oil coolers are made from 100% aluminium to make them strong, lightweight and compact. They offer high heat transfer and easy mounting. Help protect your vehicle against costly transmission repairs with a Direction-Plus or PWR transmission cooler.


Monitor, Measure, Track and Diagnose with ScanGauge.

ScanGaugeIII can help you monitor your vehicle’s most vital systems and provide the kind of real-time information you’ve been missing. Features include;

  • Multi Colour Capacitive Touch Display
  • Read & Clear Trouble Codes with built-in trouble code library
  • Automatic XGauge Configuration
  • Visual & Audible Alarms
  • Up to 9 Gauges with Pages of favourite
  • Free WiFi firmware update

All in an ultra compact design that installs in minutes. Additional ScanGauge monitors available, contact us for more info!